February 12, 2021


After a number of years in education, my focus is now on self-publishing. To read this site’s first blog post (which is a sort of declaration of intent) click here, but check out the Blog Index on the menu for other posts.

This page is HOME, of course.

ABOUT contains two bios, one very brief, one extremely long.

The BLOG INDEX is where you’ll find a dated index of all of the blog posts, many of which include info about my published books, books in progress, my writing process, random thoughts about writing, and various other subjects I’m interested in.

CONTACT is, of course, about the best ways to reach me.

In October 2021, I started sending a newsletter to subscribers on my mailing list. Each of them will also be archived as a post on my blog. You’ll find links to them on both the BLOG INDEX and the NEWSLETTER page.

And, MY BOOKS is, obviously, where you’ll find information about what I write and where to buy some of it.

I hope you enjoy the site. Let me know either way.