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Newsletter 027 – November 25th, 2022


About the image above: I’m already breaking my idea of using a simple newsletter header by showing you the image above. This is a picture of the original cover of my first published novel, The Jagged Man. At the end of this email I have a sample of a very different cover I’m working on for when I reissue a revised version of the book (probably sometime in the spring of 2023).

For the past few weeks (I’m writing this in mid-October 2022), I’ve been juggling several different things at once, and I’m finding it extremely frustrating. Unfortunately, this isn’t uncommon for self-publishers, especially when they are operating on a shoestring like I am. Back in December, 2021, when I published the If a Butterfly series, I set several deadlines for myself, knowing I was going to publish both books at the same time. The deadlines were fairly basic, so I was able to meet them without any major glitches (there are *always* some glitches).

In 2015 I published a thriller called The Jagged Man, but published it too quickly, before I knew what I was doing. I didn’t publicize it at all, and it languished for several years, only selling a few copies (which is important, of course, but it was more important to me that no one was reading it).

At this point, in November 2022, if all goes as planned during NaNoWriMo, while you’re reading this I should be wrapping up a 30,000 to 40,000 word novella (a prequel to Jagged Man). Its working title is Water and Fire. I’ll be giving it away free to current newsletter subscribers first, and then to new subscribers who want to find out more about Jagged Man in advance of its re-publication. Stay tuned for more info on that.

The next newsletter is about the openings and closings of stories.

See you then,


[“Never judge someone by the way he looks
or a book by the way it’s covered;
for inside those tattered pages,
there’s a lot to be discovered.”
― Steve Cosgroves]

This is the current (as of 11-15-2022) working test cover for the reissue of Jagged Man. It still needs some work (I’m not happy with the front cover text), but if anything changes drastically between now and the publication date, I’ll let you know.


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