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I expect this blog to grow considerably, so I expect you will eventually have to browse a bit to find particular posts. Here, though, you can check out their titles in the order they were originally posted, and link directly to them. To find posts on a specific topic, check the Category listings and the Tag Cloud on the sidebar.

Selected Posts from My Previous Websites

The First Post of Many, posted 7-20-2012.
On Getting Started, posted 7-30-2012.
What If…?, posted 8-6-2012.
What If…? (Rush Hour Traffic), posted 8-22-2012.
3-Day Novel Contest, posted 8-26-2012.
Contests, posted 9-15-2012.
Why I Waited So Long, posted 12-5-2012.
Seven Questions, posted on 1-17-2013.
Hard Facts for First Novelists – Seriously? posted on February 28, 2013.
Rules for Writing, posted on 3-11-2013.
Warpy Music, posted on 11-3-2013.
Nighttime Scribbles, posted on 11-19-2013.
Allegedly About the Words “Alleged” and “Allegedly,” posted on 12-14-2013
Painting Our Caves as Writers, posted on 12-24-2013
Opening Lines, posted on 12-31-2013.
Writing Retreats, posted on 1-28-2014.
A Writing Space of My Own, posted on 2-4-2014.
WLT’s 2013 Summer Writing Retreat, posted on 2-18-2014.
Artist Retreat III – January 2014, posted on 2-25-2014.
What I’m Working On, 03-04-2014, posted on 3-4-2014.
Using What Ifs to Generate Story Ideas, posted on 3-11-2014.
My Interview on WLT’s Blog, posted on 3-17-2014.
Inhaling/Expiring, posted on 4-16-2014.
My Review of Larry McMurtry’s Latest Novel, posted on 5-17-2014.
Deciding Who to Pitch to at a Writing Conference, posted on 6-23-2014.
Being a Self-Publishing Virgin is Scary, posted on 12-15-2014.
Getting Unstuck From the Dreaded Writer’s Block, posted on 1-14-2015.
The Jagged Man is Finally Out, posted on 2-1-2015.
Cacaoethes Scribendi, posted on 4-12-2015
Stochastic Thoughts, posted on 1-5-2016.
Maintaining Creative Energy, posted on 3-17-2016.

…thus endeth the earlier posts.

New Posts for This Website

Fallow Fields, posted on 1-19-2021.
My Profile at the Gutsy Great Novelist, posted on 1-29-2021.
My Reading Habits, posted on 2-26-2021.
What I Was Reading During the Pandemic, posted on 3-5-2021.
Another Random Thought, posted on 3-9-2021.
What I’m Reading Now, 3-12-2021, posted on 3-12-2021.
What I’m Working On, 3-19-2021, posted on 3-19-2021.
Maybe He Ate Buttercups, posted on 3-26-2021.
The Doofus Character, posted on 4-9-2021.
Music for Writing, Part 1 of 2, posted on 4-23-2021.
Music for Writing, Part 2 of 2, posted on 5-7-2021.
Can You Make It as a Writer? posted on 5-21-2021.
Left-Handed and Like It, posted on 6-11-2021.
Coffee and the Writer, posted on 6-25-2021.
Transcribing Interviews – A Question, posted on 7-9-2021.
Coffee Addendum, posted on 7-23-2021.
On Hiatus, posted on 8-6-2021.

At this point, in addition to the occasional regular post, I will also be posting archives of newsletters I have been sending to subscribers on my mailing list. They will appear as blog posts a week after they were sent to subscribers. Each newsletter will be listed below, and will also be linked on the Newsletter page.

Newsletter 001: I Called This Meeting Because… posted on 10-29-2021.
Newsletter 002: So Excited I Teared Up… posted on 11-19-2021.
Newsletter 003: I Can See For Miles and Miles… posted on 12-03-2021.
Newsletter 004: Oh, No! Not Research… will be posted on 12-17-2021.
Newsletter 005: Brr, Shiver, Brr… will be posted on 12-31-2021.

…more to come.