Nighttime Scribbles

For many years I kept a pen and a pad of paper on my nightstand, in case I had an important thought before I fell asleep. One night I woke up in the middle of the night from a particularly engrossing dream. This was the dream to end all dreams, and it was going to make a wonderful book, or short story, or screenplay. It was so good it could probably have been all three.

I reached for my pen and notepad, and wrote down the single sentence that I was sure would contain all the information I would need to remember the most vivid detail of the dream. It was such a good dream, how could I possibly forget, right?

In the morning, this is what I found on the pad.

Hair furt to noving at Noilly Pram

Have you had a similar experience? Does anybody know what the hell I was trying to say? Suggestions welcome.


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